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NxtGen Hybrid – Designed for Disassembly

The NxtGen Houses construction system called “Hybrid” is a further development of our earlier detachable and modular NxtGen construction systems,i.e. modular Industrial Buildings (2016) and modular Kitchens & Restaurants (2018). Hybrid combines the strengths and avantages of various existing construction systems with new materials resulting in a new industrial building method for the future.

NxtGen houses are being developed with the intention to retain their value but with the objective that all the parts and components can be used again in a following project and by doing so to extend their lifecycle. This means on one hand standardizing a maximum of parts and primarily using screw and bolt connections and on the other hand avoiding virtually all permanent connections such as welding, glueing or the use of concrete, in order to ensure that the house can be disassembled. The technical and economical lifespan of the high quality components is practically the same. A project lasts as long as initially requested by the customer but can exceed 50 years.

This results in buildings with a higher degree of flexibility that can easily be installed, repaired, renovated and partitioned or even disassembled. Simply put, buildings consisting out of products and materials that retain their value and that can be reused at the end of the project.



NxtGen houses are suitable for both permanent and temporary use. They are relatively easy to adapt and can even be moved to another location. Our prefabricated components consist exclusively out of durable materials/parts with a high lifespan that can be linked to eachother but with the ability to disassemble them again. (plug-and-play) Demolition becomes disassembly and reuse.

In recent years, due to ever increasing shortages of raw materials and the drive for a more responsible approach of our planet’s resources, new insights are submerging such as “use versus ownership” that will start to influence our choices and behaviour. These insights or different views will also affect the construction business. Apart from the conventional construction system with bricks, limestone and concrete, alternative construction systems are surfacing and making their appearance. Alternatives such as wood skeleton, steel, steelframe and recently also construction systems whereby SIP’s are integrated (Structural Insulated Panels). We are facing inevitable changes, a transition and perhaps even a revolution due to consecutive new applications at a fast pace that in turn result from new materials and material properties within an evolving digital world.


Hybrid is completely independent in terms of suppliers and all the necessary materials can be obtained in the marketplace, thus resulting in short lead times. The materials we use are chosen carefully using criteria such as a high level of quality to ensure a long lifespan and durable materials that require low maintenance. maintenance. If two different materials (one being bio-based) have an equal performance, the preference will be given to the bio-based material. Our own developed and manufactured components ensure that we remain in control of the entire building process. Size and weight (transportcosts and handling capability), dimensional stability (less error costs) and cost of ownership (maintenance costs and substitution ability of installations) are compared with eachother in order to build very cost-effective and to keep short lead times. Within our construction system the used materials and equipment can be replaced by new enhanced or improved materials in an easy way.

NxtGen Smart Modular Building as a company has progressed from a rental organization specialized in renting out temporary spaces and incorporates the basic knowledge of all disciplines necessary to build a house. A lot of research preceded the choices that led to our Hybrid construction system and a good number of construction experts got involved. The accomodation comfort of the ultimate occupant(s) and lowering the costs for the occupant(s) as well as for the owner(s) are at the very centre of our philosophy.

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