Alternative to permanent construction

When extra space is needed in or for a short time portable modular buildings are ideal. Because of the flexibility, quality and freedom of design, more and more modular construction is used for (semi) permanent building. NxtGen modular construction is our alternative to conventional construction. The absence of restrictions in design, smart planning and the high-quality of materials used in modular buildings makes these type of buildings a good alternative to conventional construction. Our modular buildings will be constructed and tailored both inside and outside according to your wishes and requirements.

High-quality modular construction technology is a perfect alternative to conventional construction and rigid architecture. No nonsense.


NxtGen modular buildings are:
• easy
• expandable
• innovative
• sustainable
• ecological
• value for money
• competitive
• high quality

Permanent Modular Buildings
Permanent use of constructions in modular design prevent overcapacity and avoid capital commitments. Extensions can be added any time at low cost. Looking for a long term modular structure? Our modular buildings are built to the same codes as permanent buildings. Modular buildings can be designed in any size, shape, or configuration. NxtGen modular construction can be used for many industries and uses including; schools, holiday homes, office buildings, food kiosks, healthcare labs and much more.

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