Portable modular interim solutions

Temporary, project-related modular buildings can be used to bridge a period of reconstruction, renovation or as a temporary extension if you need extra production of storage space.
Portable modular structures are the answer to a fast changing world where the life cycle of products and the lifespan of companies are uncertain. More and more CEO’s and CFO’s of industry, public and health decide for medium and long term rental of modular portable building solutions instead of investments in real estate. They choose for maximum flexibility and ability to calculate with fixed rental costs. No worries about large investments and no restrictions on working capital.


We are specialized in design, engineering, manufacture and construction of modular portable buildings with high quality materials, aesthetic design and a high degree of flexibility which can be used for multiple applications. Our buildings are especially suited for medium or long term rental.

Portable modular interim solutions have many advantages, one specific advantage of our buildings is the ability to service remote locations. They can be shipped in containers and erected all over the world and dismantling after use is possible without complex demolishing work, so the site used simply reverts to its previous condition.

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