Portable production kitchen

The logistic routing of the work process determines the layout of a kitchen. In most (institutional) kitchens not only the preparation of food takes place, but also the portioning on top plates. This requires extra space for portioning and plating, chilled storage and separate washing areas.

The big advantage of NxtGen modular construction is that we can design the space in your kitchen exactly to your needs. With our sandwich panel solutions you can fully customize your individual working spaces. The air tubes used for extraction of smells and steam in the temporary kitchen and the infrastructure for heat and air-conditioning will be placed above the ceiling. The kitchen brigade will have the feeling that they are working in a regular kitchen instead of a temporary kitchen. For temporary needs, such as an institutional production kitchen or dishwashing kitchen, with trolley wash facilities, you are at the right place. We can also include cold rooms, store rooms, office space, restrooms and shower rooms in the design.


The NxtGen portable kitchen has floor modules with features especially developed and engineered for interim kitchen solutions, facilitating easy and fast assembly. We also handle the complete technique in house from electric to ventilation, all from a single source and state-of-the-art! We provide all relevant planning parameters for the necessary permits, as well as all requirements for installing utilities, alarm and fire protection, ventilation systems according to VDI 2052, grease separators DIN 1825 and any individual requests.

In most cases, the production kitchen is a central kitchen, from where the food output is supplied to a distribution centre, relay kitchen or regeneration kitchen. Here, logistics are also an essential component that can be taken care of in a NxtGen temporary kitchen facility.

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