Project temporary dishwashing area Essen Germany

Temporary dishwashing area for the University Hospital at Essen.

Together with Kessel Rental, we at NxtGen Smart Modular Building developed a modular building that can be used as a dishwashing area, whereby the dishwashing capacity is guaranteed while the renovation of the existing dishwashing is ongoing.
It concerns a modular building of 15x20m that is equipped with 2 large industrial dishwashers with racks, a space for cleaning the carts and a cooling area for the waste materials.
In order to cope with the logistics of vast quantities of dishes, the structure has a roofing surface of 20×2.5m along the full width of the building.

Furthermore the temporary building is equipped with R-12 PVC floor covering, a suspended ceiling (height 3m) with integrated lighting, insulated piping and a watersoftener. An important demand of the customer was the availability of a climate control system which we provided of course.

In brief, it’s a magnificent temporary dishwashing area and our customer was fully satisfied with the result.