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The concept for NxtGen portable buildings; easy construction and dismountable construction, reuse of building materials, clever power and water connections, use of renewable sources of energy such as thermal heat pumps or solar heat is developed with the knowledge and experience in the construction of temporary kitchens for events and other food related projects. Container or clear span structures, have many limitations and disadvantages such as inflexible room dividers, low height, low insulation values and appropriate disposal of waste.

NxtGen Smart Modular Building uses a construction method developed under the following guiding principles:

  • Independence of suppliers: construction and building materials can be bought from wholesalers.
  • Modularity: all used pre-fabricated components are interchangeable with each other freely.
  • Ability to dismantle and rebuild easy and quick .
  • Ridged steel skeleton-frame structure to cope with powerful climate change.
    Optimal thermal insulation and heat bridge free design.


In addition we used guiding principles for the development of a green portable building with a high sustainability. Our buildings are characterized by a high resource efficiency in the areas of energy, water and construction materials, while reducing at the same time adverse effects on health and the environment. NxtGen Smart Modular Building adheres to these guiding principle throughout all phases of the building lifecycle, from design, project development, planning and construction but also for maintenance and dismantling, because components are almost 100 {39bd6b5cda1d24c2f90941913f2a1503acb126b953f2708642cb3081e0a799fc} recyclable.

A NxtGen portable building can be regarded as a “Green portable building”.

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