NxtGen demountable buildings are sustainable

Through a streamlined, transparent planning and controlled manufacturing process we can achieve the best building quality. We use certified building products with a high reparability. The emission burden is minimal during NxtGen modular construction. Local environment is hardly disturbed because in the construction process, no noise – and dust-intensive work takes place. Prefabricated elements and components can be easily installed. By using precisely fitting components and installation materials, there are no residual materials and therefor disposal costs are reduced. Steel used for the base skeleton can be recycled at without loss of quality (closed cycle). All materials and components used in a NxtGen building are reusable and almost 100% recyclable. A NxtGen building can easily be dismantled at the end of its use and the components can be used in the next project.

• Optimised planning
• Removable
• Easy to rebuild
• Certified construction products
• Minimal emissions impact
• Low noise and dust on construction site
• Low residual materials
• Minimum disposal costs
• Steel and components reusable
• All materials close to 100% recyclable

NxtGen modular construction saves energy and conserves the resources of our planet for a better future. We will apply for certification of NxtGen modular construction method with the German Association for sustainable building (DGNB).

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