NxtGen principle

NxtGen stands for Next Generation. The next generation of modular temporary kitchens and restaurants or even permanent buildings. Modular construction will change the way the world is building because of the advantages over conventional building and the environmentally friendly construction process.
The demands on buildings are getting higher: sophisticated technology, high levels of insulation, energy-saving technology, etc. Also the aesthetics plays an increasingly important role.

We have been building interim kitchens in clear span structures and kitchen containers for decades and noted that because of these increased regulations and client demands, it became difficult to meet these higher requirements, especially for medium or long term rental. There are many limitations and disadvantages in the use of containers and clear span structures for example, inflexible room dividers, low ceiling and low insulation values.

The emergence of NxtGen Modular Building
To find an answer to this we developed from scratch a new modular construction system for the rental business. Modularity enables pre-assembly, quick building, free choice of materials, flexible room layout, ceiling heights of 2,80 m or more, pre-assembled kitchen floors, easy renewable and more. We also make sure that after the rental period the building can be dismantled easily and the individual components can be reused. Also much attention is paid to insulation values and we have eliminated thermal bridges. Operating costs at longer service life play an increasingly important role for the users. This is the reason that we offer in case of longer rental periods heat pumps or solar panels. Al this resulted in compliance with the energetic requirements of the EnEV for modular portable buildings.


The BIG difference
There are providers for the construction of temporary container buildings as sand by the sea. Their construction methods are all similar: standard equipped, often for standard constructions such as site offices and schools, hardly any ambiance and inexpensive. There are only a small selection of standard modules from which you can choose. In short, the reason for developing temporary kitchens and restaurants in modular buildings was plain and simple. In the temporary kitchen rental business there is nothing similar yet!

The NxtGen principle stands for quick, flexible construction, specifically geared for temporary kitchens, restaurants and buildings of any size, tailored according to your needs and your desires. Turn-key delivered including high-quality technology and equipment.

In other words: An all-round worry free package ideally suited for short – and long-term periods of 2-5 years or more.

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