Why modular construction?

The term “modular” describes a construction method or process where individual modules, components or sub-assemblies make up larger structures. Modular construction is a process that can be utilized for both temporary as well as permanent use. The prefab components are built and pre-assembled in a controlled production environment. Consistency in production is a key benefit in prefab construction and allows us to continually monitor and improve our modular constructions.

In short:
Design approval by the end user and regulating authorities.
• Assembling of module components in our factory.
• Transportation of modules to the building site.
• Erection and assembly of components to form a finished building.

The primary benefits of modular construction include but are not limited to:
• Streamlined construction process (often 40{39bd6b5cda1d24c2f90941913f2a1503acb126b953f2708642cb3081e0a799fc} faster than conventional construction);
• Resource efficient – less labour and production materials wasted.
• Environmentally friendly – less site waste, noise and damage.

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