Production and warehousing

NxtGen facilities are designed for both permanent and temporary applications and provide a much more affordable and flexible solution than a conventional building.
Our warehouse can be installed without the need for complex and expensive foundations. This enables reduced costs and quick construction. Outside walls have a thicknesses of 100mm ensuring optimal thermal “U” values. Inside walls, if required, have no support function, which means they can be placed anywhere giving optimal flexibility. We use insulated roof panels ensuring minimal internal draughts and higher “U” values for savings on heating and air-conditioning costs. Our standard temporary buildings are calculated for a snow-loading up to 75kgm². The buildings can be configured in a variety of formats and different features (glass façade, overhead doors, collision protection) dependent on your budget and required application.

Our portable buildings can be used for:
• Extra production space
• Storage
• Supermarket
• Sports facility
• Showroom

NxtGen portable modular buildings for purchase or medium and long term rental meet all requirements for both permanent and temporary use.

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